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The clothes may not make the woman, but they certainly help! This is the story of one woman’s life-changing journey to overcome grief and loss. It is a testament to a daughter’s love for her mother and the unique bond between siblings. Megan O’Malley Moller lost her mother to cancer at age sixteen. One of six siblings, she grew up in a strict Irish Catholic family in Ohio. In adulthood, she and her siblings all settled in different parts of the country. Each year, Megan and her sisters, Helen and Fiona, go on a girls’ trip with their dear friend Suson Fuson. Known for her impeccable taste, Megan provides The Collection, an assortment of items from her wardrobe, which all of the women share for the weekend. In the twenty-fifth year after their mother’s death, the women visit her grave in Dubuque, Iowa. The purpose of the trip is to find emotional healing and closure after their many years of grief. Megan, especially, carries misplaced guilt and anger, and her sisters insist that this trip is her chance to face her loss and embrace what is left of her own life. The endearing and comical relationship between these four women, and the love they share, proves to be the greatest gift their mother gave them, and they come to find that if you have salt in your life, you can make it through anything.


Katie Sullivan has worked for Charleston County School District for eleven years. She was raised in the Midwest and grew up in a large close-knit Irish Catholic family. Her personal relationships have had the most impact on her writing. She lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.