Visions of Design

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A vibrant collection of the design industry’s most illustrious visionaries, this dynamic reference features hundreds of spectacular residential interiors. Capturing the unique voice of each U.S.-based professional, engaging editorial is matched with lush photographs to showcase private commissions ranging from modern expressions saturated with color and unexpected texture to traditional rooms with classic furnishings and all the dramatic interpretations in between. Separated into five regional sections, a diversity of work is displayed from New York’s sophisticated living environments, California’s coastal chic, the graciousness of the South, the warmth of the Midwest, and the desert region’s characteristic mystique. Designer introductions are shared in three languages, offering a global feel.


Panache Partners, LLC, is a publishing company based in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in developing upscale coffee-table books on luxury lifestyle subjects including architecture, interior design, golf, wine, art, event planning, and travel.