White Lies

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A  poignant, powerful novel exploring the complexities of grief, mental illness, sibling rivalry, and parenthood

We’re similar, he and I, for the first time—all the symptoms of grief with none of the emotion. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt; I just haven’t worked out how to mourn someone I hated.

When Matt’s half-brother Alex dies, his father refuses to hold onto the memory of his favorite son’s death. It was hard enough the first time, but breaking his dad’s heart on a weekly basis is more than Matt can bear. Peter, Matt’s father, is terrified his dementia will let slip the secrets he’s kept for 35 years. Unable to distinguish between memory and delusion, he pursues one question through the maze of his mind: Where’s Alex? Faced with the imminent loss of his father, Matt is running out of time to discover the truth about his family. Tortured by his failing memory, Peter realizes that it’s not just the dementia threatening to open his box of secrets, but his conscience, too.


Jo Gatford's fiction and short stories have been published in various U.S. and UK literary magazines, including Litro, PANK, and SmokeLong Quarterly.