Yes Prime Minister: Series 2, Part 1

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Four classic episodes from Series Two of the hit BBC show. "Man Overboard" finds Jim Hacker in favor of moving army regiments to the north to create jobs—until Sir Humphrey hints that the PM’s job is under threat. In "Official Secrets," the former PM’s memoirs have to be scrutinized for security reasons. But Jim realizes that they will make him look bad and tries to suppress their publication. In "A Diplomatic Incident," the death of the former PM provides Jim Hacker with some leverage over negotiations with the French about the Channel Tunnel. And in "A Conflict of Interest," there are rumors of a scandal in the City. Can Sir Humphrey persuade the Prime Minister to choose the right man to become the new Governor of the Bank of England?

2 CDs. 1 hr 50 mins.


Antony Jay is a British writer, broadcaster, and director. He joined the BBC in 1955 and worked in the television current affairs and Talks departments. In 1980 he co-created Yes Minister with Jonathan Lynn, and the pair went on to write two series of the sitcom, followed by two series of Yes Prime Minister and a successful stage adaptation. Jonathan Lynn is a British writer, film director and actor. At Cambridge he joined the Footlights Club and went on to become an actor, appearing in the West End and in TV sitcoms including Doctor In The House and The Liver Birds. Among his directing credits are the films Nuns on the Run, My Cousin Vinny, Sgt Bilko, and Clue.