Ley Lines Across the Midlands

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Some maintain that ley lines are the result of some "earth force," others that they are the earliest routes marked out across the land. In his new book Anthony Poulton-Smith examines the origins and meanings of these ancient trackways, tracing them on foot and taking in markers that have been in existence for millennia to travel in a straight line from Shropshire and Gloucestershire in the west to Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire in the east.  Whether they are tracked by dowsing or by a simple line on a map, this is a fascinating read for walkers, historians, visitors, and locals alike, and provides a very different view of the ancient history of the Midlands.


Anthony Poulton-Smith is a local historian and the author of more than 350 articles and five books, including Worcestershire Place Names and Derbyshire Place Names.