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More About This Title BE BIGGER


Hurt feelings are no fun. When a girl feels ignored by her friend, all she can think to do is to ignore her friend right back—that is, until a wise, old tree steps in. (After all, the tree has been watching over this playground for a long time.) Before the girl can turn one hurtful act into two, the tree shows her how to be bigger than her hurt feelings, and helps her build self-confidence to talk through things with her friend.

Through captivating illustrations and some chuckles, Be Bigger helps children to work through their emotions and to see a positive way of working out disagreements. The tree uses ages-old wisdom and loving encouragement to teach us how to do the right thing in our friendships, even when it’s hard.

Includes discussion guide.


Colleen will tell you that having four kids is great because you can say things like, “It is not ok to roast marshmallows over my scented candle,” and because they are a never-ending supply of material for books.

After years in marketing and freelance writing, Colleen first turned to children’s book writing as a project to raise money for a foster home in Beijing, China, where her family was living at the time. Super Easy Storytelling, her first children’s book (written with her daughter), is about how to tell stories together on the fly— which was the family’s way of calming the chaos that comes with four kids in a car, restaurant, or really anyplace they needed to behave.
The Talking with Trees series is thanks to the kids as well. Colleen wrote the series based on real experiences with tearful children facing the tough business of growing up into good people.

Colleen and her husband live in California with a houseful.

Exhibited At: International book fairs