Space Scrapers
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Approaching the th century, the human race was at the peak of its power. Space exploration, technology, and scientific advancements defined the period that showcased history’s best minds and bravest hearts. The era that followed saw a decline of civilization that lasted hundreds of years. Humanity fell into apathy and hedonism, while advancements in science and technology all but stopped.

In the fourth millennium, Earth is in the midst of a reluctant renaissance. Having reestablished Earth’s presence in the galaxy, the ruling powers seek to maintain order and establish security, reconnect with humanity’s past glory and define new horizons.

Ian Vanderbilt, Mbwana Luo Akamba and Ava Nagoya are a trio of bounty hunters who are driven by a need to oppose the established power… and get rich. On their cosmic voyage, these space scrapers find chilling evidence of a vicious scheme and a most malignant enemy. Lives are about to change dramatically as these adventurers discover their destinies… and save the universe in the process.

Space Scrapers chronicles the exploits of these peculiar and flawed treasure hunters on their romps across the universe in search of technology and ancient artifacts. Author Camilla Stein invites the reader to explore th millennium Earth, exotic interstellar locations, and oh, so human nature.


Camilla Stein is a science fiction writer, author of Space Scrapers and Gaia's Children and a collection of short stories. Currently working on new science fiction titles.


"Well done! Very cinematographic, from what I can deduce from the abstract..." Nikolai Gourof about Space Scrapers.

"It's like the song from Spaceballs "we're Jews out in space, just cruising along protecting the human race...." - Donna Castlegrant [about Space Scrapers].

"I, Robot-like," Catherine Gagarin says about Space Scrapers, "the story is great, and you have a style that immerses us immediately in your universe."

"Congratulations! It's great to see some real, new space fiction get published!" - Emmalyn Edwards.

"The description makes it sound like Firefly. Firefly was the most awesome show ever." Megan Hamilton about Space Scrapers, and Firefly.