Terra's World

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A charming and satirical fable of personal angst and global apocalypse   Billy Martin loved science fiction. But SF has had it. Two years ago, the girl Terra came back to earth, having spent most of her life on an actual factual alien planet., Science Fiction is kind of beside the point once it's come true.  And then even Terra disappeared. Billy's only friend Lydia doesn't really understand, but then she hasn't lost everything. But now a new girl has arrived at school, and she loved the dead genre of SF every bit as much as Billy. And she seems really interested in Billy, too. Things are looking up. But Terra didn't disappear. She just hid. But the time for hiding is over. Something awful is happening back home. Really awful. . .


Mitch Benn is a musician, a stand-up comedian, the coauthor of The History of the World Through Twitter, and the author of Terra.