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Daniel's father wants to kill him. It's something of a family tradition. Daniel's psychotic police sergeant father is constantly concocting ever-more obscure methods of killing him, and his mother has abandoned the family to live out her life as a mermaid. Together with child genius Ferris and school bully Dorsal, the unlikely trio must set out on an epic adventure to reunite Daniel's family and find out exactly why his father is so emotionally illiterate. Ex takes you on a riotous and bizarre voyage down the Thames on the world's largest and most deadly wooden potato. Along the way you and Daniel will meet an outrageous array of characters including a flock of swearing ducks, a superhero-murdering grandmother and a cappuccino-swigging lion. If you're squeamish stay far away but if you've ever seen the funny side of a bad situation, Ex will transport you to a bizarre topsy turvy world where childhood has gone so wrong that the results are gothic.


Laurie Avadis has been an artist, a photographer, a musician and an author. He is a family lawyer and he's had the unfortunate experience of working with children in situations as bad as, and even worse, than the characters in Ex, his first novel.