Win-win thinking

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In a win-win action both parties win, and a common victory is greater than it is ever possible to achieve alone. There is no upper boundary to how good the results that are possible to achieve together, compared to pursuing one's own advantage. Real win-win thinking is never a game against other party. To act in competition with an opponent is not as successful as acting in win-win cooperation with such a party who has same values and goals as you. Also, a common dialog is needed. Win-win thinking can in world politics completely compensate the now prevalent violence-based power politics. For hundreds, and possibly thousands of years, political actors have acted according to its requirements. What good is in such action, in which the victim will always be forgotten and the people must pay for the mistakes and crimes of their rulers? Autocratic power politics always leads to such an outcome.


The writer of the book, Veikko Saksi, MA (Econ.), is a Finn living in Estonia. He acts as the editor-in-chief of Karjalan Kuvalehti (Karelian Magazine) and the editor-in-chief of Pro Karelia Internet portal. He has written 15 books, eight of which are concerned with the return of Karelia. He has edited two books and written over 1,000 substance-based articles relating to the ceded territories.