The Lost Diary

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The Fictional character of John Clark is now faced with a life changing pursuit. Robert Blake, another fictional character, is the reason for John Clark's quest. Blake, an FBI agent, kept secret files about the death of Marilyn Monroe and the whereabouts of her lost diary hidden in secrecy within a storage unit. Robert Blake, as he was dying on the roadside from a car accident, confided in John Clark and gave him a key to the storage unit. Within the unit was information leading to the location of the lost diary of Marilyn Monroe. At the time, if the diary got into the wrong hands, it could have become a national security risk. The story takes a turn and has an unexpected twist to end.


The Fabulous Gabriel was born in 1948. He is a graduate with a Masters Degree in Music and History from Rhode Island College. Previously, he attended Roger Williams College where he received his Associates Degree. He attended Berklee College of Music for one year and then Boston Conservatory for another year. The Fabulous also attended a Graduate Extension course in Archaeology at Brown University. He has many music credits among the years of his songwriting and entertainment career. He has written songs for the world famous Four Tops, Gloria Gaynor, the Bud Girls Band for Budweiser and many more. Gabriel’s’ main instrument is the saxophone. In his earlier years he played the sax with such famous groups as Tommy James and the Shondells, Wilson Pickett, Gary US Bonds, Bobby Comstock and the Counts, Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars Tour. He then went on to become and accomplished piano player and songwriter. In 1990 he received a gold and platinum album, along with having honors in Cashbox Magazine as having the Single of the Week and One of the Most Entertaining Albums of the Year with his controversial Elvis album, “Somewhere Elvis is Smiling.” That album is currently on the collector’s website Throughout the years the Fabulous Gabriel has written and recorded many original song albums which have sold world-wide. Gabriel has previously written several other stories, “Whispering Pines,” a murder suspense story, “Hearts of Bounty,” an action romance and “Christmas Holiday on the Moon,” a children’s Christmas story. Gabriel’s most recent story, “Marilyn, the Lost Diary” is considered the best of all.