Daniel Lezama

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The recent work of Daniel Lezama has the thematic core of Tamoanchan mythology, a utopian and Edenic region for the Mesoamerican people, in which origin and purpose wonderfully mix with life and history. In the series of pictures included in this book, Lezama has subordinated the mythological reference ‘place of flowering ground” to function as the central narrative of his painting. In a new set revisiting a themed painting from his early 90’s, Lezama has returned to the image of Adam and Eve.


Erik Castillo Corona is a critic and an independent art curator. He studied at the National School of Plastic Arts of UNAM and has been responsible for several exhibitions for the artist Pedro Diego Alvarado. He currently teaches at the Casa Lamm Cultural Center as a member of the Project Review Committee for temporary exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico.