The Grey Fairy Book

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Talking animals, cruel kings, and kindly monsters adorn the pages of Andrew Lang’s sixth collection of fairy tales, enchanting for readers of all ages

'Once there was a woman who had no children, and this made her very unhappy. So she spoke one day to the Sunball, saying: 'Dear Sunball, send me only a little girl now, and when she is twelve years old you may take her back again.'

Discover an enchanted storybook land where lizards care about manners, picking wildflowers might get you whisked away to a magical kingdom, and children can understand the language of sparrows. In this stunning anthology full of unforgettable characters, you’ll meet talking wolves and fearless princes, foolish thieves and scheming queens, a fox with a limp, and a donkey who busks. The Grey Fairy Book was first published in the year 1900, and includes such sgtories as 'Donkey Skin', 'The Magician's Horse', and 'The Street Musicians.' A novelist and renowned literary critic, Lang collected fairy tales, myths, and legends from all over the world and from countless languages for his anthologies. He then had the stories translated into English, many for the first time, editing and then publishing his fairy books to great acclaim. This volume contains stories from as far afield as Lithuania, various parts of Africa, Germany, and Greece. Children will be enchanted by these magical tales, while parents will appreciate the international flavor of this unique collection. This is truly an enduring classic, presented in Hesperus’ beautiful series editions for the whole family to enjoy.


Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was a novelist, journalist, poet, and literary critic best known for his collections of fairy tales known as The Fairy Books.