Aston Villa Greatest Games

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Expertly presented in evocative historical context, and described incident-by-incident in atmospheric detail, Aston Villa Greatest Games offers a terrace ticket back in time, taking in their 19th-century dominance of club soccer, the ignominy of relegation to the Third Division, and then lifting Europe's biggest trophy just a decade later. An irresistible cast list of club legends—Pongo Waring and Peter Withe; Charlie Aitken, Paul McGrath, and Peter McParland—springs to life in these thrilling tales of goalscoring feats, great comebacks, Wembley glory, and the odd glorious yet crushing disappointment. In all, a journey through the highlights of Villa history which is guaranteed to make any fan's heart swell with pride.


A journalist with the Bridgnorth Journal and the Shropshire Star, James Driver-Fisher was brought up in Erdington, Birmingham, and has been an Aston Villa fan all his life. Having followed the highs and lows of the club for the past 25 years, he has developed an escalating fascination with Villa's illustrious history. Ron Atkinson is a former soccer player who managed Aston Villa 1991-1994.