Where Heart Touches Matter

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If you experience a stressful life you can use this book as your go-to resource for restoring your inner peace. Colouring is a healing process that grab your attention and refills your energy. Chakras are the invisible energy organs running your physical body, mind and spiritual aspects. Learning about your chakras will equip and empower you to handle challenges and be a happier person. You can expect to be surprised by the detailed chakra pattens that will teach you about your own chakras. This colouring process will teach you how to understand and recognize the inner repair mechanism of healing.Healing is the inner repair mechanism that your body have the capacity to do, when you understand how.‘Where Heart Touches Matter’ is the only place in which you can experience healing. YOU GET 60 detailed art drawings, in depth information on each chakra, illustrated by healing stories from real life. Plus access to the Rainbow Course on how to heal your chakras. At the course website, you also have free access to download all drawings.