The Ogglies Go to School

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On the first day of school, the teacher has an emergency, and Grandma Oggly takes charge. She has the children drawing and getting muddy, while having a pet dragon help the children get clean and dry. This beautifully illustrated title is filled with quirky Oggly characters and positively enjoyable ideas, along with a special sing-along-song containing silly words such as “oggly poo” and “fly pee”. 


Erhard Dietl is an author, illustrator, and songwriter. He has written over 100 books, available in translation in numerous languages around the world. Erhard Dietl has been awarded the Austrian Youth Literature Prize, and other notable literary awards. He currently lives in Munich.


“Highly recommended. The Ogglies Go to School is a gorgeous picture book that tells the story of the Oggly children and their first day at school. It will be a great story for adults to read out loud to their children due to the nonsense Oggly language and the illustrations will be cause for great discussion.”  —ReadPlus