Weird Shit

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From animal tales to strange sex facts to discussions on art, this book of strange facts will  prove difficult to put down

Did you know? Salvador Dali sometimes wore a perfume of fish glue and cow dung to attract his then girlfriend, Gala. Have you heard, seen, or read about something so bizarre and incredible that it leaves you bamboozled for the rest of the day? No? Then you haven't read Weird Sh!t.  This eclectic and eccentric mix of news stories, events, concepts, and conceits reveals a world removed from reality as you know it. Prepare to depart from this seemingly conventional life and arrive at a destination full of downright weird and wonderful shit.


Mark Leigh is a comedy writer and coauthor of 36 humor and trivia titles, including Epic Fail, The Loo Companion, and Pets with Tourette's.


an "entertaining read" --Teena in Toronto, 2/20/2016