Las Pastillas De Oro

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Designed for the Spanish beginner who is ready to explore literature, this first book of the Totally InTense series is written entirely in the present tense. Increasingly complex grammatical elements are gradually introduced in the story. New words and concepts are explained right there in the margins, so you can leave the dictionary on the shelf. The comprehensive introduction provides a great review for basic and complex grammatical elements. Las Pastillas de Oro is part translator, part dictionary, part grammar book, and part novel. The plot revolves around a group of friends who realize that their school forms part of a comprehensive network obsessed with preparing the students... but for what?


Amanda learned multiple languages late in life and has helped thousands of students to do the same. She has taught languages in several different schools, from high schools in her native Texas to universities in France. She currently teaches at the University of Massachusetts and Fisher College in Boston.