La estrategia del fútbol aplicada a los negocios

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More About This Title La estrategia del fútbol aplicada a los negocios


Soccer provides a lesson in leadership, a constant factory of new strategies and tactics. There on the field awaits the clearest lessons on the spirit of achievement, communication, coordination, solidarity, team play and loyalty. Soccer introduces new concepts and methods in the leading teams to break with conventional ways of thinking. This book propounds applying the strategies and tactics of the world´s most successful technical directors to the world of business. The result is a fascinating journey to attain personal achievement.


Juan José Puente is a professor of Social Communications. He also contributes to various graphic and digital media outlets, and teaches courses on the tools needed to improve the organizational climate in top level companies going through fusion, expansion, or transformation processes. In addition, he advises the innovative ventures responsible for organizing sporting and recreational events regarding team-building and corporate identification campaigns.