Ciencia y Más Allá

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Do spirits, reincarnation, the plurality of inhabited words, and life after death exist? How has the spiritualist movement evolved from Allan Kardec until now? Mado Martínez, after reviewing the history of spiritualism, enters the laboratories of different universities to examine the major scientific studies underway around the world in order to find one or more answers to a question accompanying humankind since its very beginning.


Mado Martínez is in charge of the international science magazine, Ispectrum Magazine, and has spent several years interviewing scientists around the world. She is the author of several books, and has repeatedly received awards for her investigative work. Obtaining a PhD from the University of Seville, she has studied philology and anthropology. She is a regular contributor to Año/Cero, Más Allá, Enigmas, and Historia de la Iberia Vieja.