Henry Ford for Kids

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Henry Ford for Kids provides an in-depth portrait of the man who “put America on wheels.” You'll learn about Ford's childhood on a Michigan farm, where the budding engineer loved to take apart and reassamble everything from toys to watches to machinery; about his revolutionary labor ideas, including paying higher wages and hiring women and the disabled at a time when many companies would not; about his fervent opposition to war and the lasting impact of his widespread philanthropy. But you'll also learn that this automotive giant was a flawed individual whose controversial views and heavy-handed management style alienated many, yet whose engineering genius and impact on the world are undeniable.

Packed with historic photos and illuminating sidebars, the book brings the turn of the 20th century to life. Twenty-one hands-on activities encourage young innovators to apply engineering and production ideas and learn more about the era. Kids will build a lemon-powered battery; form an assembly line; learn to "read" simple industrial drawings; design an automobile dashboard; learn to dance the waltz; and much more. 


Ronald A. Reis is the author of numerous nonfiction books for kids and young adults, including The US Congress for Kids and Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids, selected for the NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People list.  


“Though biographies of Ford are as mass-produced as, well, Fords, this one will leave readers with a particularly strong impression of how complex, even enigmatic, a man he was.” —Kirkus Reviews