Knit, Hook, and Spin

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This easy-to-follow activity book is packed with over 70 projects across a variety of fiber arts including knitting, felting, knotting and braiding, spinning, weaving, crocheting, and dyeing. Kids will learn to felt a bag, braid a rug, weave a tapestry, knit comfy slippers, crochet a belt, make and use natural dyes, and create dozens of other projects. Along the way they’ll learn about Viking ships’ woolen sails, the history of rope bridges, Japan’s yearly Straw Festival, the invention of the spinning machine, and much more.


Laurie Carlson is the author of over 20 nonfiction books for children and adults including Colonial Kids, Days of Knights and Damsels, More Than Moccasins, Westward Ho, and others. She operates an artisanal yarn store on her farm and speaks to local groups about goats, sheep, and fiber arts. She lives in Dallas, OR.