Natural historia

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What does Alfonso XIII's wife have to do with Gredos goats? And Pope Leo X with Indian rhinoceros? Where does the term "environment" originate? And the word "biodiversity"? What relationship is there between German spies and malacology? And between the steel industry and paleontology? All these and many other questions are answered in the pages of Natural historia. Conceived as a free space for historic reflection on natural sciences and nature itself, the content of this book has been previously published in Quercus magazine bit by bit. This volume compiles a selection of 50 entries whose variety offers a little bit of everything, sure to interest anyone curious about the natural world around us and about the relationships that humans have been piecing together throughout history.


Santos Casado is an associate professor of ecology at Autonymous University in Madrid and works for the Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation. He writes monthly for the natural history section of Quercus magazine and is the author of La escritura de la naturaleza, La ciencia en el campo, Naturaleza patria, and Los primeros pasos de la ecología en España. Rafael Serra is a regular contributor to Quercus magazine. His essay "El comportamiento animal en Quercus" appears in the book Estudios sobre comportamiento animal: XXV años de la Sociedad Española de Etología (1984–2009).