Why Men Skim Stones

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More About This Title Why Men Skim Stones


Chris Windle provides an amusing and indispensable insight into why men do the things they do. Here, finally, is a guide that tackles the big questions: why do male friends express their affection by subjecting each other to casual acts of violence? Why is it common for a man to have more of an idea of what he might do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, than what he might buy his mother for Christmas? If you’ve ever been dumbfounded when faced with a man who would rather talk to an inanimate object than read the instruction booklet, this is the book for you. Why Men Skim Stones is a compendium of oddness which, by offering explanations for man’s often bizarre behavior, seeks to promote tolerance and understanding. This is a book that could save relationships, smooth family life, or provide much needed reassurance for any man seeking to better understand his own actions.


Chris Windle is a freelance writer and journalist who has written for Cosmopolitan, the Daily Telegraph, Glamour, and the Times. He is the author of The Horsemeat Cookbook.