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Laura was a self-certified couch potato who, until a few years ago, could only run for a couple of minutes at a time, and couldn’t swim. She has now completed several marathons and is a committed triathlete. But Laura couldn’t have achieved what she has without the advice and support of her friend Katie. A life-long runner, fair-weather cyclist and born-again swimmer, Katie helped Laura through the ups and downs of training for a triathlon. As well as surmounting fears of failure and, more importantly, Laura’s fears of drowning in the swim start, their triathlon journey gave them the opportunity to push their limits and have fun along the way. Tricurious tells Laura’s and Katie’s story with energy and humor. Filled with anecdotes and advice about the trials and tribulations of preparing for a triathlon, this inspiring book will answer your questions and leave you curious to experience the joy (and pain) of swim, bike, run.


Laura Fountain is a journalist and writes a regular column for Running Fitness magazine. She runs a running group for beginners to help them complete their first 5k and is the author of The Lazy RunnerKatie King indulges in a love of sport and writing outside of her day job. She believes that there are no such things as bad races, just good stories, and makes it her mission to find the funny side, no matter how tough it gets; she writes about it on her blog Cake of Good Hope.