Love and a Dozen Roast Potatoes

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The strongest image from the first few years of my life is of a shining beacon of rebellion and beauty: Princess Leia. She was sassy, and she knew her way around a blaster. We're starting from the very beginning, so no hot sauce until I'm at least 16, and when I say hot sauce I mean sex.

Such is the life of our hero as he negotiates the twin ambitions of finding the love of his life and becoming a superstar, and taking "the one" to his Mom's for her famous Sunday roast. It's a life tale of comic disasters, sex (lots of sex), relationship woes, and discovering your nakedness plastered over social media. Warm, funny, very hip, this is David Nicholls with the naughty bits on display for the world to see.


Simon Wan recently took to stage and screen and attained international acclaim with nominations and awards for his performances in British Kung Fu film drama Dog and stage production Mr Foo with Tina Malone.


"A promise of relentless energy, noise, a lot of madness and probably a lot of drugs, which luckily is exactly what Simon Wan delivers. Bar the drugs." —Rankin, photographer"He goes way beyond passion." —Fearne Cotton, television and radio presenter