Wine Froth

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“No poems can live long or please that are written by water-drinkers.” Horace, Roman poet “I like [champagne] because it always tastes as though my foot is asleep.” Art Buchwald In Wine Froth, Washington Post wine columnist Dick Rosano celebrates 8,000 years of wine-stained history with this droll, profound, bizarre, hilarious, charming, and totally entertaining collection of wine quotes, anecdotes, and trivia. Here’s another sample: Richard Nixon knew his wines, and which were being served at White House dinner functions. He instructed the serving staff to hide the labels of certain bottles, and that he was to be poured the best of them, and particular guests were to get the other stuff. Also included in this richly illustrated little book are scores of tips to help make wine a little easier to enjoy, such as: adding kosher salt to your bucket of ice will chill wine faster. Merlot is French for little blackbird


Dick Rosano has been writing about wine, food, and travel for many years. His long-running columns have appeared in The Washington Post, Wine News, and Wine Enthusiast and many other nationally distributed publications. His two new novels, Tuscan Blood and Hunting Truffles, have drawn considerable attention from literary circles; an earlier book, Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Vintners, traced the influence of Italians in the American wine industry over the last 300 years. Mr. Rosano has lectured on wine at the Smithsonian Institution, Johns Hopkins University, and at many conferences around the United States, as well as many years teaching at L’Academie de Cuisine. His travels have taken him to the wine regions of Europe, South America, and the United States.