Adou - Leaves of Grass

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In this new body of works, Adou invites the viewer to look at their feet and become reacquainted with nature. Like the eponymous collection by Walt Whitman, Adou’s “Leaves of Grass” is an exaltation of the natural world and its interrelationship with humans. In close-up range and viewed from above, isolated from an invisible wider context, the natural elements carefully composed by Adou appear graphic, geometric, almost abstract. Adou’s photographs encourage the viewer to slow down their pace and gaze for a moment at the unexpected beauty growing from the mud. Disappointed by present-day society, and the rapid changes it encounters, the artist offers another possible path: a return to our roots, to the origins of life, and the power of nature.


Adou (b. 1973, Mianyang, Sichuan Province) graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Sichuan Aba Normal College in 1995. He is the recipient of several important photography awards, including among others the Three Shadows Photography Award (2009) and the Japan MIO International Young Photographers Competition for his series “Public Buses & Chinese People” (2005). In 2007 Adou received an Honorable Mention at the World’s 100 Young Photographers KLM Paul Huf Award in the Netherlands.