Janet Laurence

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Well-known for her installations and major public art commissions that engage with architectural and biological forms, acclaimed Australian artist Janet Laurence is fascinated by the interplay of plant species, animals and people. In her work, represented in all major collections in Australia, Laurence constructs atmospheric spaces that allow for deep reflection on questions of climate change, ecology and extinction. Here, Prudence Gibson offers a new understanding of Laurence’s BioArt and what her work says about humanity’s relationship to the world.


PRUDENCE GIBSON is a Sydney-based art and fiction writer and academic. She has published fiction in Antipodes, Eureka Street and Etchings. She is author of the art book The Rapture of Death, 2010 and has published over 280 art essays/articles in journals such as Heat, The Australian, Vogue and Art Monthly. Her curated exhibitions include The Carpentry of Speculative Things, 2012 and The Pharmacy of Love and Hate MCA 2013.