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Museums, historical societies, schools, libraries, senior centers, festivals, community gatherings, marketing, corporate events... you name it. They're all hungry for a unique way to engage their patrons, clients and customers. You can be just the solution to their needs, and this guide will help you prepare and market yourself to do so. As a re-enactor you are a living, breathing conduit for a legacy or an era gone by. A legacy that NEEDS to to be told to audiences young and old. You will readily discover that kids are starving for their history, especially when they can hear and touch it, as opposed to reading about it. In many cases, if you don't tell it, it won't get learned. You'll quickly find that adults equally love to "touch the past" and supplement their knowledge of history. "Re-enacting! A Guide to the Rewarding and Lucrative Career of Becoming Instantly Famous" covers all the tools you'll need to launch an amazing future of making eyes light up, getting hugged, being photographed and sharing a valuable legacy of your choosing to an eager, grateful audience, while getting PAID to do so! Covering subjects like script development, choosing venues, making your presentation, and your options for marketing, this highly readable, entertaining, to-the-point guide could set you in a direction you may have never considered, and reveal a path that's the one for you!


"Gunny" Jeff Scott Norman is a busy professional re-enactor, performing as "Buffalo Bill" Cody across the country. He's put together this very readable and entertaining guide to assist and motivate others who are not aware of the financial and personally rewarding opportunities that re-enacting offers. By following the steps outlined in this guide, the reader will be well on their way to entertaining and educating audiences by becoming a professional re-enactor, sharing the legacy of a character or era they're passionate about.