Beyond Reason

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This book presents one of the most comprehensive and rigorously researched refutations of the major Right-wing misconceptions, delusions, and outright lies that have come to dominate the discourse and policies of conservative politics. Conservatives inhabit an alternative reality in which Obamacare establishes “death panels,” waves of criminals are finding their way over the Mexican border, tax cuts for the rich benefit the middle class, Liberals are waging a war on Christianity, voter fraud is eroding our democracy, and climate change is not happening. The author meticulously dismantles each of these arguments and does more than simply correct the record on dozens of dangerous falsehoods, he demonstrates that the current brand of American Conservatism is completely detached from, and indeed hostile to, reality itself—an ideology beyond reason. Written in a tough, but reasonable tone, lightened throughout by flashes of wit, the book is essential reading for anyone who is fed up with all the right-wing spin, hype, hysteria, and plain nonsense that prevents reasonable debate about the actual challenges facing America today.


J.P. Bernbach is the cofounder and managing partner of Concept to Content LLC and Ching Ventures LLC. He is also a debate and forum expert as a top representative of the Democratic Party, writing and speaking extensively about US policy and politics for several media outlets. He divides his time between New York and Brussels.