From Alliance to Union

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After the conservative Arab Gulf Monarchies—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Sa‘udi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)—joined forces on 25 May 1981 within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), few fathomed that security requirements on and around the Arabian Peninsula would be so precarious and for so long. Several of the monarchies even hoped that coordination on foreign policy issues over which near unanimity existed could, eventually, lead to a full-fledged union as envisaged in the organization’s founding charter. In this new study, Joseph A. Kéchichian provides an evaluation of GCC States’ military institutions to better evaluate whether a stable alliance is capable of enduring over the next few decades, and how civilian leaders perceive the role and influence of their military officers for the task. The volume concludes with an examination of evolving civil–military relations in the GCC States.


Joseph A. Kéchichian is the author of ten published books, including Faysal: Saudi Arabia’s King for All Seasons (2008), as well as Succession in Saudi Arabia (2001), Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies, (2008), and Legal and Political Reforms in Saudi Arabia (2013), and most recently ‘Iffat al Thunayan: An Arabian Queen (2015).