Urban Squares

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Studies of Urban Squares suggests a specific and fresh take on agorology – the study of urban squares. The approach is one of recording everyday life and focusing on different ways to describe and investigate the public life and space of urban squares. The book comprises four empirical case studies of squares focusing especially on the urban material culture and spatio-temporal changes of these squares. The squares are all located in the metropolitan and transnational Öresund region in Denmark and Sweden, a region that has gone through extensive transformations during the last couple of decades. The compilation of cases suggest different ways of addressing spatio-temporal aspects of the everyday life of urban squares, and helps us to see how the everyday life of squares plays an important part in the production of public space.


Mattias Kärrholm is Professor in Architectural Theory at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, LTH, Lund University, Sweden. His research deals with territoriality, the use of public space, urban design, materiality, actor-network theory, society and space and everyday life.