Regression: A Journey to the Beginning of Your (Current/Past) Life!
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More About This Title Regression: A Journey to the Beginning of Your (Current/Past) Life!


"This book is written for therapists as well as for the layperson. It explains step by step how to proceed.

This handbook teaches you how to travel through time. You get to see past lives and help send the deceased into the Light.

Shamans and healers all over the world see illnesses as energetic blockages. A regression can assist you in removing entities, dark clouds, and other aspects from the body and the aura. It can be achieved with this extremely safe and easy method.

Many people choose to revisit their childhood in order to install new programs for the future using the ideal scenario method, as well as to heal the inner child. There is also the spacecraft technique and the physical scan of the body, which allow the client to understand and treat physical problems.

At the end of a session, there is a future integration and the exploration of positive affirmations to support the entire process. In the end, you are more aware of the leitmotif that runs through your present and past lives, which allows you to understand your life lessons. You generally become a happier person, and you can engage with life on a deeper level.

Regression therapy is a definite recommendation for anyone looking to understand life, and for those who are seeking psychological and spiritual growth."

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