Down the U-Bend of Your Mind
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More About This Title Down the U-Bend of Your Mind


The contents of this book began life as a parish Lent study course, and the book might still serve such a purpose. Self-examination can sound daunting or irrelevant. In fact, many people do it without realizing. This book is an attempt to help those who already practise self-examination, especially those who are impatient with the traditional ?sin lists?, but also to help those who do not do so to look again. It is also hoped that it will be of some help to those who serve as confessors, spiritual directors, soul friends and the like. It is aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at Christians, but Christians from across the spectrum. The biblical material should be a particularly helpful way in for those whose tradition might not make much of this practice. Some material from the early Christian tradition is also used because it is still very relevant. Christians have to live in the ordinary world and many of the issues they face are faced by non-Christians too. It is hoped that this book will prompt some non-Christians to look again. And the fact that we are bound up with the world adds a dimension to the approach to self-examination set out here. Further, many have been hurt through the process of self-examination; it is seen in this book primarily in the light of healing imagery rather than the judicial imagery which can be alienating.

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