Tokyo's Mystery Deepens
Second in the series about Tokyo life!
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Tokyo! Mysterious? Baffling? Unknowable?
In these essays, the biggest city in the world comes closer and clearer!

Writing about Tokyo for over 15 years, essayist and professor Michael Pronko unlocks the many and miniscule doors leading to Tokyo life. These 48 short essays reveal what’s hidden behind the gleaming exteriors and unconcerned faces in the vastest, strangest, most peopled city in the world.

Pronko’s concise essays ponder the minutest of cultural details---window flowerbeds, eye glances, face masks, and the many small gestures needed to navigate past thousands of people a day—to uncover the rich undercurrents of Tokyo life.

As in his first collection of essays, Beauty and Chaos, Pronko examines Tokyo as a city, a culture and an overpowering experience. Tokyo’s Mystery Deepens explores the enigmatic sides of Tokyo with humor, delicacy and a large dose of healthy confusion.