Timeless Revenge
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Story timeline starts back in 1972 and flows through to 2002 . the story starts with a brief explanation of who the main character is and where he is situated at the time of writing.

Plot starts as a covert operation within Vietnam during the closing stages of the war by CIA operatives. A 4 man team of British SAS troopers taking from their training centre in Borneo and through Thailand are to rendezvous with the CIA group where it finds atrocities are being carried out. There is a fiery disagreement between the two allies in which there is an exchange of fire and men from both sides are killed.

The SAS team have to take a prominent North Vietnamese man out of the country which they still do but because of the blow up between the two teams they decide to take another option of extraction.

The chase is on to find them and they are whisked away by their seniors and placed around the world with new identities etc and they are unable to contact any of their relatives.

The plot leads from the CIA to find these men as they have evidence of the atrocities that took place and that in itself would be embarrassing to the American Government.

They target relatives of the men who are now in various parts of the world and try to flush them out. Casualties are all over and it culminates in the eventual uncovering of the team leaders location and the chase goes through UK Europe, South America and Malaysia to Australia.

This is a fictional story with some factual experiences in.

Exhibited At: International book fairs