Charcoal Portraits from Photographs
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More About This Title Charcoal Portraits from Photographs


"Talbot Cox?s easy-to-read guide is more than just another portrait book. This is a practical self-help guide for the novice portrait artist with little or no experience of portraiture.
Talbot has years of experience in giving workshops on creating charcoal portraits from photographs. His work with students and his own experiences attending workshops with renowned artists the world over have equipped him with the insight required to set budding artists on their way.
Facial features are analyzed in terms that are easy to understand.
Creating the portrait is demonstrated step by step.
The text is illustrated with about one hundred images.
The book is ideal for beginners, but experienced artists too will pick up new techniques and ideas and gain valuable insight.
And to amuse and inspire, the text includes a good store of anecdotes and homilies."

Exhibited At: International book fairs