Next to Forever: Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book Three
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"Your days with Dylan are numbered. Soon she will be mine and you will never find her. Soon it will be my name coming from her lips." Rade never thought that the one woman whom he despises would be carrying his child. Trying to prove that he was taken against his will, Rade finds that Dylan holds the only key to everything. The problem is, he can't allow her to relive that one horrible night. Against his better judgment, he takes her back to the castle. Everything is perfect until their night of ecstasy turns into a night of torment. Rade's world begins to crumble as he tries to find the one man who takes the one woman he has ever loved-forever. Accepting the news of a child is one thing, but what Dylan soon finds is more than she bargained for. What started as a night of pleasure ends badly when Dylan learns the truth from a man she thought she would never see again. Betrayed, Dylan is torn between leaving the only man she has ever truly loved or following her heart and risk being hurt by the secrets that could destroy her happiness. Will her love for Rade prevail, or will it be lost forever?


A. L. Long lives in Greeley, Colorado sharing a home with her wonderful husband and granddaughter. When she isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with friends. She also enjoys her morning jogs and family weekend outings. Out of everything, she enjoys driving in her little two-seater convertible with the top down which she received from her gorgeous husband of twenty-one years.