HO'OPONOPONO SECRETS: Four Phrases to Change the World One Love to Bind Them
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More About This Title HO'OPONOPONO SECRETS: Four Phrases to Change the World One Love to Bind Them


A Complete Practical Guide To Successful Ho'oponopono Practice:
Everything you need to know about the Spiritual Practice that is sweeping the globe & changing the lives of all it touches...

-Beginners Guide to Ho'oponopono
-Ho'oponopono Origins & History
-Ho'oponopono Philosophy
-How & Why It Works
-Simple Step by Step Instructions
-Practical Tips for Guaranteed Success
-Sample Mantras
-Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools

Ho’oponopono (Ho Oh Pono Pono) roughly translated as “to make right”, “to correct”, is an ancient transformational and healing technique originating in Hawaii. Its simple message of 100% responsibility, repentance, and gratitude has been changing the lives of all it touches. Originally practiced by the native Hawaiians Ho’oponopono was primarily a group based ceremony, used to solve community based problems, and disputes and it has ties and similarities to many indigenous shamanic practices found throughout the world.

The Ancient Hawaiians understood the power of the mind. Centuries before mainstream science they identified the distinction between the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super-Conscious minds, and the part they play in forming our present day circumstances.
This knowledge was considered so important that they built their whole belief system Huna (The Secret) around it..
So what exactly is Ho’oponopono? Is it really so easy? Does it work? Why does it work? How do you do it? What can it do for me?
This book will answer these questions and many more, examining its origins, development, and the philosophy that underpins it.
It will provide you with all the knowledge and information you need, guiding you through the Ho’oponopono process step by step with sample mantras so you can begin practising right away.
We’ll look at why this deceptively easy, but extremely powerful process, is changing the lives of all it touches.
And show you how it can change yours too...


aul has spent most of his life with a serious case of wanderlust, he has travelled, lived, or worked in over 30 countries around the world. He served in the British Forces for 7 years, and after discharge gained an Honours Degree in South East Asian Studies. Paul studied Thai language for a year at Chiang Mai University and then went on to teach English and tourism. He currently lives in the UK and is father to an 11 year old princess...


Chapter 1: What is Ho’oponopono? Ho’oponopono & Universal Law
Chapter 2: Ho’oponopono Philosophy
Chapter 3: How It Works. Who Are We Really? Activating the Process
Chapter 4: Getting Started. The Four Phrases
Chapter 5: Ho’oponopono Practice & The Questions That Arise
Chapter 6: Ho’oponopono and the Wider World
Chapter 7: Success with Ho’oponopono
Chapter 8: Who’s Who In Ho’oponopono?
Chapter 9: Other Ho’oponopono Tools
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts
Chapter 11: Inspiration, Thanks, & Acknowledgements
About the Author
Ho’oponopono Links
Mantras & Prayers


• Five Stars! - I guess I had to wait for this book to be written because I learned about Ho'opponpono years ago and though I never went to any seminars but I studied it and found it helpful but lacking in substance. While I was going through recuperation of a Stroke in 2002 it helped with anger issues but only so far. I had questions that I could not get answered when the opportunity arose. So when this book came to me I sacrificed my budget to aquire it. I waited exactly 24 holurs before previewing it.But got sucked in to reading it and studying it and asking my self questions that were answered on the next page.Thank you,Thank You, Thank You for explaining the history as well as the development from religious ceremony to daily practice.I used I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you ,I Love You but was still hesitant to what was happening. The explanation made me feel it throughout my whole body now. Now I want to keep track of my issues as they are released. Again Thank You

• LOVE IT! - I've read a few books on Ho'oponopono over the years and this one is by far the clearest, most insightful one yet. Packed full of info it is well written and easy to understand.

I only wish it had been written years ago...5 *****

• One of the best!! - Tells you exactly how to clean. The examples I have been looking for, finally it's told how to clean not just clean on everything. Thank you for teaching me the right way. Peace

• it is wonderful and practical book -I love how the author explained ho'onopono in a simple, easy to understand. It is just a beautiful manual that you can keep come back to.

• Fantastic insight in to the amazing spiritual and life gift ... - Fantastic insight in to the amazing spiritual and life gift of Ho'oponopono. I liked this book compared to others I have read on the subject as it was easy to read and understand and importantly had practical applications and examples from the authors own experience which really helped me develop my own mantra's for developing my personal self empowerment plan.

I would recommend this book to anyone beginning a spiritual journey or anyone interested in Ho'oponopono as it gives a candid insight in to this ancient secret that can benefit all of humankind!

• i love this book so much so - i love this book so much so...empowering and easy to understand....i really love the ho oponopono prayers he has for all diffrent needs...i highly recommend...blessings...PAUL thank you i am sorry forgive me i love you.

• Good intro into the practice of Ho'Oponopono - Good intro into the practice of Ho'Oponopono. Can't wait to read more on the subject. Another star would have been given for perfect editing.

• Great Book - Very good book... ho'oponopono is the true way to health, happiness, wealth, & love. This book was easy to read and understand. Loved it!

• Five Stars – Inspirational.

• Five Stars - Awesome book!!! I love it!!

• Great book. Simple and clear writing complemented with examples ... - Great book. Simple and clear writing complemented with examples and a wonderful appendix of petitions to begin using right away.

• Good Book - really good and easy to understand book.

• Enlightened - I will recommend. This book help me to see more about Ho' oponopono and about my self. For that THANK YOU.

• Five Stars – Perfect!

• outstanding--easy to follow---results oriented - absolutely outstanding---practical and what i was looking for in information.

• Best book on subject. - I have read several books on this subject and I have found this to be the best and the only one needed to learn how to start a practice.

• It’s easy – It’s easy !

• Four stars – Good read with good results.

• Good book – I enjoyed the book.

• Five stars- Great Read!!!

• Great book!!! - Great book just what I was looking for..A well written and easy to understand guide to Ho'oponopono.. I will be recommending this book to my friends..Thanks Paul !!!

• Awesome Book!! - If you're interested in spirituality then this is an awesome book that provides practical techniques to ho'oponopono which are explained and easy to put into practice. The author even offers templates to deal with everyday life situations as this subject can be quite confusing for a beginner, like myself. A list of who's who within ho'oponopono field has lead me into some very rich and deep subjects of other spiritual teachings which work on similar principles of a 'spiritual solution' to life. All-in-all a very readable and practicable introduction to a beautiful practise.

• A good overview - I found Paul Jackson's book to be a very good and understandable overview of Ho'oponopono. The example mantras were particularly insightful.

• a Fantastic book, had me instantly inspired - Paul , well done , a Fantastic book , had me instantly inspired , I am just at the start of this new journey after years of struggling to find what i have been looking for which is ultimately Happiness , the same as everyone else I imagine , this book explains in a clear concise fashion how through realization and love of yourself & the world we all live in how happiness can be attained , thank you

• a good book to have - highly recommend - this is only the second book I have read on Ho'oponopono and, while it seems a little more complicated/involved than the first one, it is good and the different 'prayers' at the end are very useful. I am glad I have the book and will use it frequently - would highly recommend.

• Ho’oponopono Secrets - This book is a master piece, I am so grateful to author Paul Jackson for sharing this book with the world, I would recommend this book to anybody as a gift it has helped me with many questions on my path. Kind regards MC.

• Worth a read - Tremendous book. Easy to follow and helps you understand the hopponopono Workings.

• Very well written - highly recommend I thought the book was very informative and captured the essence of Ho'oponopono.

• Ho’Oponopono secrets - Fantastic book :) I really enjoyed and I do believe is one of the best ever.I am Italian and the English was very comprehensible super book.

• Must read - I have read many books about ho'oponopono and I learn something new every time. This book ties the Universal Laws in with ho'oponopono with unshakable logic. It also provides a more elaborate way of using the 4 phrases, explaining how to customize them to various situations with good examples. This book helped improve the way I practice ho'oponopono and anyone interested in this spiritual process should read it.