Tears for Love
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Michael's in love. The trouble is that it's not with the woman he's agreed to marry. He's hopelessly fallen for Phina, after briefly meeting her at an airport. His whole world has turned upside down, but what and how is he going to tell his bride to be, Oluchi? Then there's the problem of breaking the news to his all-controlling mother. Not to mention the slight problem that Phina has no feelings for Michael, and is barely aware of his existence, except as someone who is destined to marry someone else.

Shortly after getting up the courage to tell Oluchi, Michael is attacked by strangers, but he harbours strong suspicions the source of the attack lies much closer to home. Under pressure from all sides, Michael goes ahead with the marriage, but he can't forget Phina, and starts on a long, exciting journey to find her and make his feelings known.