Platypus Dreaming
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A prophecy brings common sense to the confusion of modern life, responding to its challenges in local and international conflict resolution, through remembering life?s composition of widely divergent yet related parts. An alternative view of life?s complexities, this novel is a modern-day take on an ancient way of seeing, placing the reader as the central character in a set of real-life circumstances, and confronting them wherever they find themselves. In many ways, the book is an initiation, taking you on a fascinating journey while deepening your comprehension of who and what you are and your place in the scheme of things. Disoriented and dissatisfied by the trite answers provided by compromised teachers and politicians alike, and perhaps lacking the experience and wisdom to judiciously negotiate life in the confusion of a world of apparent plenty, most people find themselves struggling to find representatives whose wise application of intelligence is the currency of their decision making. Where a balance of feeling and intuition equally weighted by logic and reason is absent, humanity is forced to conclude that society?s rulers, whether financial or political, have abandoned representing life?s common destiny as the foundation stone of humankind?s finest aspirations. When morality is applied differently in different settings to gain advantage and cultures have a variety of spiritual and existential beliefs pitted one against the other, the step to terrorism, though seemingly incomprehensible, appears understandable to a mind pushed to its extremes, as it attempts to reconcile that which is apparently irreconcilable. Without prizing humanity as an interwoven part of nature?s fabric, people are caught between a rock and hard place, but it is precisely there that Platypus Dreaming inspires hope.

Exhibited At: International book fairs