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Abundance: Allowing the Universe to Manifest Your Desires
Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc., shares thirty plus years of metaphysical study in hopes that, after reading this small book, you’ll allow the universe to manifest your dreams and desires. The universe is constantly conspiring on your behalf to bring those desires into form. Get out of the way and allow it to do so!
Topics discussed:
• Abundance
• Universal truths
• The Pure Definition of Abundance
• Universal Truth #1 – Like attracts like
• Universal Truth #2 – Truth comes from seeing the full picture
• Universal Truth #3 – The only constant is change
• Universal Truth #4 – There are no coincidences
• Universal Truth #5 – We are multidimensional beings
• Universal Truth #6 – Our thoughts create our reality
• Universal Truth #7 – Intuition is our communion with the Universe
• Universal Truth #8 – God/Universe can’t be controlled
• Universal Truth #9 – The simplest answer is usually correct
• Conclusion