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More About This Title MR. TICKLEWEED


Did you know that you can count to 100 by counting the legs of an imaginary centipede? Counting by tens, you can take short cuts. Counting by ones, you can make sure they're all there. If the centipede grows a leg every day, on the hundredth day, it will have all of its parts.
This is a great book for elementary students who are learning to count in English. Children will want to chime in with the narrator
counting by tens to one hundred. They will get a lot of practice because of embedded repetition. For instance, "Ten plus ten makes
twenty...ten more makes thirty..." and so on. Children will also enjoy listening for the rhyming sounds occurring in the book's predictable verses.


Suggested extension activity: children could create a large centipede using egg cartons and pipe cleaners.

Exhibited At: International book fairs