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More About This Title 15-150 SECRET TO SIMPLE DIETING


Please see website: www.15-150Diet.com
We have self-published this book and really need to get it out there.

If a publishing company is looking for the newest - "hot" diet...this would be it.
Dr. Rosenberg was friendly with Dr. Robert Atkins and they both discussed dieting, but Dr. Rosenberg's diet creates a burn using many more carbs in conjunction with curbing fats. I am the "real person" who lost 45lbs and show how just by tweaking the way you cook, order out and food shop can make all the difference not only for you, but your family as well.


Please see webisite: www.15-150Diet.com


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Beginning
Chapter 3 - Self-Limiting Beliefts
Chapter 4 - Dr. Rosenberg's Snooze to Lose
Chapter 5 - Getting into the Right Frame of Mind
Chapter 6 - How to Eat
Chapter 7 - Exercise and Maintenance
Chapter 8 - Another Intoduction (Bobbie)
Chapter 9 - Bobbie's Story
Chatper 10 - Cutting Fats and Carbohydrates
Chapter 11 - A Day in Bobbie's Life
Chapter 12 - Recipes
Appendix A - Bobbie's Shopping List
Appendix B - Fat and Carb Values

Exhibited At: International book fairs