A Dachshund’s Wish
“A charming, rollicking tale unfolds.” —EW.com (Entertainment Weekly)

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Richly illustrated and full of fun, this tale of wishes and what happens if they come true shows how valuable and enriching friendship is. In A Dachshund’s Wish, Paws, a delightful dachshund puppy, is so happy with his new family that he wants to become a boy and join them in doing the things humans do. He soon realizes, however, that this idea carries consequences, and he risks giving up some of the things he loves about himself. By almost losing the characteristics that make him unique, he learns that being different is something to celebrate. In fact, all of Paws’s friends are different and wonderful in their own ways, and the friendships they share are all the more special for it. A Dachshund’s Wish is Joe Tavano’s first children’s book.


When Joe Tavano met the real Paws, they quickly became close friends. A Dachshund’s Wish draws on Paws’s reactions to the squirrels, birds and other wild animals in his backyard. Illustrated by Ji Yu, A Dachshund’s Wish is Tavano’s first children’s book. Tavano lives in New York City and has visited schools there to talk about his book and writing. Tavano hopes Paws helps children learn that both humans and animals share love and dreams, just as the real Paws did.


“A charming, rollicking tale unfolds.”
—EW.com (Entertainment Weekly)

“A Dachshund’s Wish captivated my heart the moment I started reading it. . . . It is a wonderfully crafted story. . . It offers parents a delightful opportunity to discuss the importance of self acceptance, tolerance for the differences in others, and the value of friendship and family with their children.”
—Jo Singer, Petside.com

“Perfect chapter-a-night choice for parents to read to younger children.”
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A charming, pacey story which contains the oldest and most satisfactory message in the world: It’s good to be who you are.”
—Eva Ibbotson, New York Times bestselling author, Which Witch?

“Joe Tavano is a great storyteller who gradually reveals the hidden secret in the dream of Paws, a loveable dachshund adopted by Jimmy and his family. Through twists and turns, Paws comes to understand that ‘just being Paws’ is a delightful and very powerful thing. His adventure through the primordial woods and encounters with aides moves quickly and deliberately to a conclusion that is happy and rewarding for Paws and the reader. Students will enjoy the tale for its sense of longing and magic, and teachers will find lots of opportunities to take advantage of the story for weeks! Our students and teachers loved it.”
—Mickey Landry, Head of School, Lafayette Academy Charter School, New Orleans, LA

“Joe Tavano has succeeded in the impossible—getting inside the mischievous and madcap mind of a puppy dachshund.”
—Michael Crewdson, co-author, Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger

“This book exudes a warm, loving feeling that so clearly expresses the benefits of bonding with an animal. And it encourages self-acceptance, understanding, and tolerance of others.”
—Adrian Milton, Dachshund Friendship Club

“Our third grade teachers read the book [A Dachshund’s Wish] to/with their classes last year. They said that our students really enjoyed reading it because it was about a dog and many of them have dogs at home themselves. Also the book talked about the dog’s dreams and since ‘dreams’ are a big theme at our school, it was a story that everyone could get into including the teachers.”
—John Alford, CEO of Langston Hughes Academy Charter School, New Orleans, LA

“If you have a dachshund, read this book. You’ll love it. If not, read it anyway. It’s a really good book.”
—Philip Gonzalez, coauthor, The Dog Who Rescues Cats: The True Story of Ginny

“I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this children’s book. It is extremely well written and beautifully illustrated. The lessons learned by the characters mimic everyday life and promote valuable lessons for all of us, not just our children! Those of you with youngsters and grandchildren will thoroughly enjoy the story-put it on your Christmas list!”
—Lynne Dahlen, editor, Dachshund Club of America Newsletter

“A Dachshund’s Wish is full of enchanting and memorable characters that entertain and engage children of all ages. Kids will find this story irresistible. . . . A magical read-aloud that teaches valuable life lessons and a must-read for elementary students.”
—Mary Wanzer, elementary school teacher and S.U.N.Y. adjunct professor

“The book is so sweet. . . . I know lots of children (adults too) that will be very happy when it becomes available at bookstores.”
—Nancy Turner, editor, National Miniature Dachshund Club Digest

“I read A Dachshund’s Wish and enjoyed it very much. I think my fourth graders would appreciate the story and identify with Paws’s dream of having a better life. The book is a good length for those children who love reading chapter books, yet like to finish them within a few days. Ji Yu’s illustrations are particularly touching and add to the story.”
—New York City elementary school teacher

“I loved everything about the book. The story is fast paced and fun and will teach kids a lot about life.”
—Marc Marrone, former pet columnist, Martha Stewart Kids

“Besides portraying an accurate portrait of Paws, a sensitive and fun loving family dog, Joe Tavano’s inclusion of a fast-paced mystery among with a moral all humans must deal with—‘I’m ok. It’s good to be me’—makes this book exciting and fun. Only a dachshund owner could have written this delightful story, inclusive of so many unique dachshund traits. Ji Yu’s delicate animated drawings complement the compelling story of a brave, clever and adventurous dachshund.”
—Valerie Diker, dachshund breeder, Dikerdachs, New York City

“The lessons are so good, and I am sure I will enjoy teaching about A Dachshund’s Wish.”
—Kay Pevey, Gifted Resource Instructor of children in grades 2-5