Women of Valor
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“ . . . I saw that a Nazi was already chasing me . . . I felt and heard bullets flying by—I just kept on running.” ~18-year-old Partisan Manya Feldman

“I also had a grenade with which to blow myself up so if captured, I wouldn’t break under torture.” ~ 19-year-old Partisan Faye Schulman

“Face-to-face with Adolf Eichmann . . . instead of being struck by terror, I was struck by how normal he looked.” ~17-year-old Lola Lieber

“I was determined to be as strong and productive as a boy. . . . I helped the posted guards . . . I camouflaged trails, and scouted out the surrounding areas for safety.” ~7-year-old Miriam Brysk

Women of Valor: Polish Resisters to the Third Reich provides a unique and inspiring perspective on the extraordinary Jewish and non- Jewish women who risked everything to defy the Nazis. In this highly readable and educational collection of true stories, educator, public-speaker and author Joanne D. Gilbert celebrates the heroines of World War II who not only fought the horrors of the Holocaust, but survived well into their 80s and 90s—living lives of commitment to the human spirit and human rights.


Influenced as a little girl by her Grandmother’s vivid and poignant stories of the beloved family and friends who were so brutally murdered when the Nazis destroyed the Jewish People of Vilna, Lithuania, Joanne has always understood the importance of preserving Jewish History – one family story at a time. With this mission in mind, she became a professional Personal Historian in 2007, creating her own business, “Your Write Time!”

A popular Adjunct English professor at the College of Southern Nevada, Joanne is also a sought-after-public-speaker, whose presentations on both Jewish Genealogy and Jewish and Gentile WOMEN OF VALOR: Polish Resisters to the Third Reich consistently receive glowing reviews.

Joanne’s extensive travels to meet with Female Resisters and Partisans have taken her to Toronto, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Palo Alto, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris, where she was honored to meet with a group of women who had been in the French Resistance.


“The journey that you will share in this book is well worth the efforts of the writer, the survivor, and the reader . . .”— Professor Michael Berenbaum, PhD., rabbi, author, film-maker, professor: American Jewish University

“That Gilbert has so sensitively and effectively captured the voice and spirit of each of these extraordinary women is an achievement worthy of praise.”— Charles Silow, PhD., clinical psychologist, director of Jewish Senior Life of Metropolitan Detroit’s Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families