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More About This Title THE ROCK


The liquid, they must have drugged me, thought Matt. He saw a man raising a spear high above. In a fl ash he thought of Kim but was unable to coordinate his thoughts or even to turn his head to check on his friend. Everything became blurred. The spear came down, and he felt a sharp, piercing pain. This is the end? That was his last thought; after that, there was nothing. Three year 9 students perform a routine experiment in a school laboratory and they travel thousands of years back in time, fi nding themselves in the middle of the Aboriginal Dreamtime. They land on a big rock in the prehistoric Australian outback. They experience fear, tribal rituals and even death. They learn the ways of our Indigenous Ancestors. However, throughout their ordeal, the boys never stop thinking about their own time and of ways to get back home.

Exhibited At: International book fairs