Endless Waves: A Story of Grace
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At age thirty-four, life for author Nancy Kruithof O?Farrell already seemed futile, and she was convinced she would die by suicide. But God?s grace intervened, and O?Farrell embarked on a journey of healing. In Endless Waves: A Story of Grace, she shares her life story and reveals the details of her struggles.

Through narrative, journal entries, counselor?s notes, poems and scriptures, and waves of grace, this memoir tells more than a story of abuse, addiction, and relationship issues. It shares the specific, detailed steps that aided O?Farrell?s healing. She shares how she was redeemed by God?s power and love, and she offers encouragement for others who face the same challenges.

Praise for Endless Waves: A Story of Grace

?It?s amazing that a woman so filled with shame and self-loathing since childhood, whose only safety from horrific sexual abuse and pastoral exploitation was strong walls of self-protection, could step from behind that barricade and bare her soul. Nancy O?Farrell does so with grace, honesty, and eloquence ? The story is heartbreaking and uplifting. Clearly, God continued to pursue this wounded, desperate woman and never stopped moving her toward healing. God showered her with endless waves.?

?Marnie Ferree, Author, No Stones: Women Redeemed From Sexual Addictions; Director, Bethesda Workshops, Nashville, Tennessee

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