MacKenzie of Kintail
A thriller sold worldwide !
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Based on a true story, this novel relates the transition of a Montreal agent provided with a remarkable gift who is offered the opportunity to join forces with his British counterparts. He is soon drawn into a mesmerizing lady's quest that leads him to brush elbows with a most valuable relic of epic proportion that still awes people worldwide to this day.


Born and raised in a quiet suburb of Montreal, Jocelyne Forget has an uncommon passion for writing. Her litterary skills brought her numerous certificates and well deserved honors. Her first published novel " MacKenzie of Kintail" is sold worldwide and already, she is being recognized as a promising author that has no boundaries for imagination. Integrating her French and Scottish heritage, she masters the ability to give life to her personages, rendering the beauty of the decorum and setting the right mood for the era. Fervent adept of child protection, she gives the profits of her novels to numerous organizations.


" Blissfully engaging, so glad I found this little marvel. I recommend it to anyone who has a weak spot for ancestry. " Thomas Forsythe, Boston, U.S.A.
" An adventure worthy of the best scenarios. Sensational ! " T.H. Wortsward, U.K.
" Probably the best book I read this year. Captures you from beginning to end." Sean B. Phillips
" A brilliant account in the immersion of a police officer. If this is Mrs. Forget's first published novel, I cannot wait for her following works. " T.Birmingham, Scotland.
"As the story progressed, I found myself reading late into the night, I really felt the humanity in your story...the emotions, the relationship and the autenticity portrayed in your wording. Well done ! A great read I will definitively recommend." Kathleen Lessard, Quebec, Canada.

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